• 22″ display for reviewing dental images
  • With front sensor for consistent images
  • With remote QA management tools
  • Cleanable design

This 24” Eonis® display has been built with healthcare specialists in mind. It combines consistent, high image quality and an attractive, versatile design with networked quality assurance.

High image quality

The high-quality Eonis display presents sharp, bright images with high contrast and a wide viewing angle. Eonis uses the latest in advancements in LED backlight technology, ensuring a higher brightness that can be maintained over a longer period of time.

The display’s unique front consistency sensor ensures fast power-up and continuous luminance stability. The image consistency makes collaboration between specialists easier. They can discuss images with colleagues at multiple locations, knowing that everyone is seeing identical images.

Centralized quality assurance

Eonis comes complete with Barco’s cloud-based MediCal QAWeb software, an online service for automated calibration, Quality Assurance and asset management. Praised in hospitals around the world, MediCal QAWeb allows healthcare IT and PACS administrators to centrally and remotely manage image quality across the healthcare organization, at the click of a button.

Smart design, fit for purpose

Barco’s Eonis display is safe to use in a clinical environment. The multiple mounting options and connections add to the smart design.

The display is as high in brightness as it is low in power consumption. The lightweight form factor and packaging help reduce the environmental footprint of this product.


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