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Specially designed for demanding medical environments, contributing to a better environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Take a look at the range below and feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. We are here for you!

Laser Strap Patient Identification Wristbands

All-in-one wristband printing solution for patient identification. The Laserband wristband solution provides patient safety and comfort, optimizes workflow and is cost effective.

Medigenic medical keyboards

Medically certified keyboards and mice developed in cooperation with the UCHL. A completely flat surface ensures optimal cleaning of the high-touch surface. Equipped with a unique cleaning alert to remind you to disinfect.

Viewmedic medical PCs

Medically certified panel PCs and OR total solutions, specially developed for use in critical areas. All products comply with WIBAZ guidelines IEC/EN 60601-1 electrical isolation. The Viewmedic systems are passively cooled.

Tough-PAC medical iPad case

The Tough-PAC is designed for medical use and is safe to disinfect with the regular agents used in the hospital. Tough-PAC provides protection against drops, bumps and moisture.

Barco medical displays

The Barco Eonis display, certified for medical use, is fully cleanable from both the front and the back. All connections are sealed for extra hygiene. Optimal image quality. Equipped with automatic light control and DICOM preset.

CIMmed medical suspension systems

Medical VESA suspension systems with patented design of full cable integration. Distinguished by quality, durability, design and hygiene. Due to the modular construction the perfect solution is available for every environment.

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