More targeted education with ABC Maestro

ABC Maestro is designed to teach typing in a playful way.

The software contains a variety of letter, word, spelling and number exercises that work perfectly with the Clevy Keyboard. These exercises contain clear, visually adapted graphics. There is also auditory support making it a constructive feedback tool, something that is essential in learning.

Video playback

Pupils with special educational needs

The program is designed specifically for students with special educational needs who are learning to write, type and read and is an excellent solution for people with attention and concentration difficulties, fine motor skills, eye coordination and visual perception. The exercises are also very useful for users with reduced cognitive skills, dyslexia, or a combination of some of these problems.

Customizable software

The ABC Maestro software offers a wide range of individualized settings that can be fully customized for each student, depending on their needs. Starting with simpler activities, the exercises are structured to become progressively more challenging, making it a learning tool that allows users to continue to develop their skills.

Demo version

Available as both a home (1 user) and classroom (3+ users) version.

Download a free demo version below!

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