Het nieuwe model van de Clevy Hearsafe

Vandaag hebben we het eerste deel van de nieuwe Clevy Hearsafe ontvangen en we zijn meer dan blij met het eindresultaat. Hier is een introductie van wat nieuw is en waarom. Afmetingen voor kinderen Deze koptelefoon is niet te groot en niet te klein. Het is speciaal gemaakt voor kinderen. Glimmende coating Op het is eerste gezicht leek […]

Children’s headphones, developing version 3.0

For a year or two before we brought the first Clevy Headphone to market in 2010, the concept of a sturdy and volume safe headphone for children was something we had been pondering over in various ways. We still come across the very first working sample we made back then at times, when looking through […]

The search for a perfect hygienic mousepad

Because we are in the business of hygienic keyboards and mouses, we’ve always had lots of demand for a hygienic mousepad solution. Being in this market for over 10 years, we’ve seen many attempts. Our own first attempt was not a bad one, the surface was easy to clean and the mouse was working smooth […]

Custom cookies for our new company name: Alt cookies!

Custom cookies for our new company name: Alt cookies!  The idea of making cookies for colleagues was born when we played around with 3D printing and our new logo. A few moments later a cookie-stamp rolled out of the printer! We were so enthusiastic about it, we dreamed about launching our new name with giving not only our colleagues but […]